Frequently Asked Questions: Below are several questions that we are asked when a client is inquiring about the band. while we can’t list all of the questions that come up, hopefully those listed below will answer a question or two you may have!

    Q) How many hours of performance can we expect from the band?
    A) Generally, receptions last an average of four hours. Within that time the band will play approximately 3.5 hrs of music. Of course we will tailor our schedule to the flow of the evening and your individual needs.
    Q) Are venue doesn’t have a stage but your rider says one is required. Can the band play without a stage?
    A) The band will and often does play without a stage. As long as their is adequate floor space, the band can perform. Generally an area of no less that 16’X20′ is preferred.
    Q) How much power will the band need?
    A) While the band asks for three 20 amp separate circuits for power, two will suffice. We have never had a power issue with any venues we have performed at as long as two separate circuits were present (and there always have been).
    Q) We are having an outside wedding; What will we need to provide for the band?
    A)The band needs a stage or some solid surface to perform on as well as ample covering to prevent any damage that could occur as a result of extreme sunlight or rain.
    Q) Does the price quoted include everything or will there be other fees?
    A) No other fees are required. The price quoted covers the performance as well full sound and lighting.
    Q) There is a song we would love for the band to play not included on their songlist. Will they learn it?
    A) the band will learn up to three songs not on our list for first dances, special requests, etc, at no extra charge.
    Q) What will the band need as far as a dressing room and food?
    A) While we ask for a separate dressing room, we know that some venues are not able to provide one, so we will make due with what is available; there are no divas in this band! In regards to food, we just ask that a meal is provided for all six band members. Our guitarist does have an allergy to tomatoes so we ask that one meal be served with no tomatoes products whatsoever.
    Q) Does the band ever play ceremonies as well?
    A) While we do and have, we generally prefer not to, as it can take away from our most important goal, creating the best possible experience for the reception. If you need ceremony music, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
    Q) Can the band add additional instrumentation?
    A) Yes, the band often adds horn players to the mix. Please let us know if you would like to add additional musicians.
    Q) My brother-in-law plays guitar. Can he sit in with the band?
    A) This is determined on a case by case basis. Normally we allow it but it needs to be discussed prior to the event.
    Q) Does the band provide music during breaks?
    A) Yes.
    Q) Will the band MC the event and make announcements?
    A) Yes.